Oh Deer

Before me and my parents left to see the movie, my dad was locking the back door. In the backyard, we have this gazebo with a cloth roof and mosquito netting around it that can be unzipped. We always leave a little bit of the bottom part unzipped so the dogs can go in and out.

Well, my dad noticed there was a bird in there trying to get out. I went outside and unzipped the mosquito netting, but the bird was still in the corner trying to get through the netting. I finally just had to catch the bird, which was a chipping sparrow. I took it out of the gazebo, I petted it once, and it flew out of my hand. I’m glad the dogs weren’t out when the bird was trapped in there because they would have eaten it. I’m also glad the bird didn’t bite me when I picked it up.

Also, the movie was pretty good. This is the first time I remember going to a movie the day it came out. Some woman sitting behind my mom was holding her son in her lap, and he kept kicking the back of my mom’s seat. She didn’t even tell him to stop doing that. And a woman sitting in front of us was messing with her phone and the light from it was kind of distracting.


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Anytime I see someone be an asshat about triggers or trigger warnings, whether they reblogged it or wrote it themselves, I unfollow them.

That really depends on what the subject is though. There’s wanting to be warned of volatile content and there’s wanting to be wrapped in bubble wrap, and they shouldn’t be treated as one and the same.


Yosemite National Park | Murali Achanta


Yosemite National Park | Murali Achanta

We’re going to the movie theater later today to see Bears. I look forward to that. My mom doesn’t go to see movies with us very often.


Pure wolves never have a completely white coat. White coloured wolves always have minor variations in their fur, and the white usually is more of a creamy colour. White wolves often have darker coloured hairs on their back. 

Compare the pictures above. On the left a pure white Samoyed dog, on the right an Arctic wolf.

Source picture dog
Source picture wolf


it’s cleaning time! by andrew evans. on Flickr.

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FFX-Auron by ErTovaglia